Question: Will Ocean Wash continue to operate during circuit breaker period?

Answer: We are offering essential services and therefore our 24/7 services will operate as usual. Please put on a mask while continue to observe social distancing and stay safe.

Question: Why don't you give the options for customers to bring their own detergent, softener, breach, etc.?

Answer: Two reasons for this. Firstly, based on research, there have been numerous cases where the previous wash had left behind chemical residue and caused issues to the next customer, including nuisance smells and discoloration. Secondly, there have been numerous cases where the customers had added too much or too little of their self-supplied detergents which led to poor washing outcomes. The decision to completely automate the dispensing of detergent and softener is built on our desire to offer our customers the best washing outcomes and convenience possible.

Question: Why do you offer premium quality detergent and softener free of charge where many Laundromats only give a small dose of detergent and charge extra for softener?

Answer: We do not want to speculate what other Laundromats use or charge, but in Ocean Wash we believe that our services will improve our customers' quality of life, and this is one sure way of showing you how.

Question: We notice very good results in less than 30 minutes in your washers while many other Laundromats take 30% more time or even longer to complete the wash. Is this just because of the advanced technology used in your washers?

Answer: The use of advanced technology in our washer/extractor, together with the improvements in the entire washing system, helps to achieve this outcome.

Question: The washers in many other laundromats can only handle 1 wash and 3 rinses in 39 minutes, how do you manage in just 29 minutes with such good outcome?

Answer: We begin tuning our wash programs by taking into consideration the procedure to control the Time, Temperature, Mechanical Action, Chemical Concentration, and Water. This is not an easy undertaking as you need the necessary expertise and passion to control parameters in these areas in an ongoing basis. This is also the reason why many of our competitors had tried but failed to improve their washing time with good results. The use of advance technology in our top of the range washer/extractor, together with the improvements in the entire washing system, helps Ocean Wash Laundromat to achieve this outcome. In addition, we also offer Extra Rinse option which will give up to 4 rinses in a particular wash when necessary.

Question: We notice some unique wash programs with extra options in your washers, can you highlight what to select?

Normal: For garments that are lightly soiled; Default option.
Warm: For items that are moderately soiled; Suitable for synthetic materials.
Hot: For items that are between moderately and heavily soiled; Bath towels, kitchen towels, etc.
Delicate Normal: For garments that need the extra protection; Lacey items, pantyhose, lingerie, washable silk, wools, etc.
Delicate Warm: For items that are moderately soiled and need the extra protection; Machine washable curtains.
Blankets Normal: For large/thick items that need extra water extraction; Blankets, comforters, bed-sheets, jeans, etc.
Extra Wash option: Provide pre-wash cycle for heavily soiled items.
Extra Rinse option: Provide another cycle of rinsing; For customers with extra sensitive skin.

Question: Why don’t you use ozone in your wash programs?

Answer: Our research has established that too many commercially available ozone laundry systems could not deliver the outcomes we desire. In addition, a dependable ozone system for use in laundry facilities must also couple with an independent ozone leakage detecting system to ensure the safety of its users; such system is rare or perhaps absent in a typical Laundromat. It is important to note that just 1% of un-dissolved ozone gas can easily make a room unsafe. In short, we are confident that by just using our wash programs together with premium quality detergent, we are able to deliver the desire outcomes; without subjecting our users to any potential risk in our Laundromat.

Question: Do you check your laundry supplies regularly to ensure that every wash is done properly with detergent?

Answer: Yes, we check and maintain very regularly. We would like to highlight that while knowing the washing options help to achieve better results, it is important to know that not all garments are made equal. A blue line at the front of the glass door helps to provide a simple but effective indicator before you start the wash. If your garments are above the blue line, please use a larger washer or apportion the garments into another washer for better outcomes.

Question: Will someone help us to wash and dry our clothes in your laundromat, or do we need to be physically there to do our own laundry?

Answer: We are operating self-service laundromats, so customers are responsible for doing their own laundry in our branches. Our condition of service signage is clearly displayed in every branch; therefore our customers are also responsible for informing us immediately of any issues and to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Nonetheless, we do offer 24/7 hotline service for customers who need help on our premises.

Question: What is Ocean Wash Xpress Laundromat?

Answer: Ocean Wash Xpress Laundromat (Xpress) is introduced to simplify user experience. Xpress uses only one model of stack washer/dryer and we offer just one price ($5) for any washing options (Normal, Warm, Hot, Delicate Normal & Delicate Warm).